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Dear guests,

We´re glad, that you visited the web sites of our hotel – Hotel Plzen ***®.

We believe, that you don´t feel sorry about your time after you saw it and that we help you to decide, where to accommodate and what to do on your holiday or your business trip.

Our hotel is situated in Pilsen (Plzen), which is the metropolis and the heart of West Bohemia.

West Bohemia a part of Czech republic, which is so various and interesting such as Pilsen (Plzen). Here you can find history with future in one place – this makes unique complex, which offers interesting things of all areas.

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Hotel Plzeň***
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Business Breakfast

published: 29.06.2010

Hotel Plzeň - vnější pohled Hotel Plzen offers breakfast not only for hotel guests. You can come and have breakfast too....


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published: 02.06.2010

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